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New Year’s Resolution: Find A Good SIPP Provider


A report just issued by Investor in Customers highlights below-average performance by SIPP operators, compared with their benchmarks. Well, we spent much of 2009 banging on about poor performance, so it's good to hear independent confirmation of what we have been saying.

Certain phrases in the IIC summary report are very much in line with what advisers are telling us about some SIPP providers:

"the human touch seems to have gone missing"

"attitudes of the servicing staff and their degree of customer focus"

"some providers have lost the personal touch"

Here's what advisers and clients said about us for work done in December alone:

"it is refreshing to be given such personal service in such a timely fashion especially when the subject matter is not so straightforward"

"Curtis Banks came highly recommended for delivering a very good service and you have certainly delivered a most efficient service........."

"One big thank you to Paul Keepin who has dealt with our property purchase very efficiently...."

One of the first emails we received in 2010 was from someone looking to move a book of some 80 SIPPs from an adviser giving poor service. We expect there will be more.

Will you spend 2010 putting up with below-average service from your SIPP provider or will you make a resolution to move to someone better? Please contact us if you are interested in making a change for the better.

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