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The Curtis Banks Group SIPP

The Group SIPP is specifically designed to provide a pooled investment fund for a group of individuals in an effective way. Typically these will be business professionals wanting to buy property, but it can be used for any situation where pension funds are pooled.

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The following are required to set up a Curtis Banks Group SIPP (Application form available via secure login):

A trust deed is also required to set up a Group SIPP, please contact Curtis Banks Ltd on (0117) 9107910 to arrange this.

  • Administration systems are tailored to the operation of a single fund. There is a single bank account for collection of rents, payments of expenses etc, and borrowing can be arranged as a single loan, rather than individual loans.
  • By pooling funds, individuals with modest pension funds can gain access to investments which might otherwise be unavailable to them.
  • The charging structure is tailored to reflect the nature of the product, making it very cost-effective.

If the intention is to have a pooled SIPP fund, then it makes sense to choose a product which has been designed for this purpose, rather than using standard individual SIPPs.

We have appointed a Governance Advisory Arrangement to assess the value for money delivered by the workplace pension schemes we operate, in accordance with regulatory requirements. A copy of the GAA's annual report, dated March 2018, is available here.

The Downloads section of this website contains further information in the form of Guidance Notes, forms and case studies.